EPYC 2014 will host 100 youth and 50 adult community leaders to discuss the intersection of social innovation, entrepreneurship and community growth in Waterloo Region on May 13th, 2014. The event provides proactive young people with an opportunity to not only talk about ideas, but also determine the possible solutions for issues in our community and have the opportunity to collaborate on brining these solutions into actuality.

The goals of EPYC 2014 are:

1) To create an environment that connects attendees to others in attendance and to ideas discussed, possibly leading to volunteer, mentorship and collaboration.
2) To engage youth and adult professionals in conversation about creating change in Waterloo Region
3) To encourage the youth of our community to make a difference and step into the world of social innovation and entrepreneurship


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At EPYC 2014 attendees will connect with local social startups and community organizations that can provide meaningful and invaluable volunteer opportunities. Attendees will also witness the finalists from the SparKW contest compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Other speakers and presenters will include leading social innovators in our community as well as bright and burgeoning young social entrepreneurs who have been recognized by EPYC, VAC and SparKW.


What will be happening at the event?
The event kicks off with the top 4 finalists from the SparKW social innovation contest vying for
the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes of cash and mentorships. Following the presentations, there is a short period of networking and mingling. Dinner will be served after the judges announce the winners of the contest. Two workshop sessions serve as the second half of the event.

Organizations and local social innovators will have the opportunity to set up information booths and interactive spaces throughout THEMUSEUM in order to connect with the youth in attendance, providing them with information and motivation to seek out opportunities for social innovation and change.

What makes this EPYC event unique from other youth conferences is that it offers the young people in attendance an immediate opportunity to not only share ideas with each other, but also with organizations who share a passion for social innovation and volunteerism. Therefore, a large part of the event agenda will be dedicated to the meaningful interaction between youth and socially responsible and innovative organizations and companies.



In Partnership with The ChangeTheWorld Ontario Youth Campaign